7 Engine Signs that Cincinnati Drivers Should Be Aware of

Cincinnati drivers count on Northgate Tire for quality auto service and repair!

One thing that is for certain, we’re thankful that vehicles nowadays have warning lights when engines are having issues. That little engine light is a big indicator that something is wrong under the hood. If it goes unnoticed, you’ll have a bigger situation to deal with. Another thing is for certain, Northgate Tire wants Cincinnati drivers aware of some of the issues the check engine light could mean.

  1. Power loss

Internal combustion engines convert fuel into the power required to move a vehicle.

  1. Unusual or excessive noise

Problems in the combustion flow can result in a wide variety of strange sounds such as knocking, hissing, popping or backfiring.

  1. Poor gas mileage

Having to fill your gas tank more often than usual, could mean more than a hit to your budget. It might mean there is a problem with the compression stroke of your engine.

  1. Engine Stalling

When it comes to automatic transmission vehicles, engine stalling is highly unusual, and probably means there is a problem with the engine.

  1. Odd smells

Like sounds, anything persistent and unusual should not be ignored with odors. Problems with the exhaust stroke could lead to strange exhaust smells to be noticeable in the vehicle.

  1. Engine run-on

If your car continues to run after you turn it off, you should have it checked out. This sign of troubled engine performance is most common in high-performance vehicles.

  1. Engine runs rough

Clogs in the system or old spark plugs can cause a rough running engine, as can improper octane in the gasoline or a low battery.

You can count on the experienced staff at Northgate Tire to keep your vehicle on the road. At Northgate Tire, our goal is to avoid drivers from spending too much money on auto services and auto repairs that can be avoided. This is why we’re so big on preventive maintenance. Cincinnati drivers can depend on Northgate Tire for quality auto services and repairs!

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