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Tips for Driving Safely in Dense Fog

As the temperature starts to drop in the United States, there will likely be more days where you experience thick fog during your morning commute or late night drives.  Read our latest blog to learn more. We want you to stay safe so please practice extra caution when driving in these conditions. The safest tip … Continued

Dashboard Warning Lights That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Knowing what each warning light means can save you from getting stranded somewhere, or it can even save you from losing control of your vehicle. ABS System The ABS System is in charge of the anti-lock braking system in your vehicle. This light could also appear if brake fluid is running low. Regardless of the … Continued

Springtime Challenges for Your New Teen Driver

We all know that driving in the winter is what everything thinks to be the most difficult driving weather. The snow and ice can make for dangerous conditions, but all seasons can come with their challenges. If your teen driver passed driving in the winter conditions, that is a win, but here are some things … Continued

DIY: How to Change a Tire

Nobody ever plans for a flat tire, but being prepared in case it becomes a reality is a good way to not be fearful. There is a common misconception that changing a tire is extremely difficult and only for those that are experienced car gurus, but anyone is capable of changing their own tire if … Continued

Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light Is On

Check engine light is on? Don’t worry yourself quite yet. The severity of the problem could necessitate a simple fix or a costly repair/replacement. Our best recommendation is to not delay and take your vehicle into the shop – the faster you find out the problem, the quicker the fix. The list of possible reasons … Continued

Average Lifespan of Car Brakes

Have you ever wondered how long it is your brakes will typically last you? While the answer isn’t always cut and dry, we do have a blog going over just that. Read on to learn more. Car brakes are crucial to operating your vehicle safely. The lifespan of a vehicle’s braking system depends largely on … Continued

Signs Your Car Brakes Need Servicing

Effective breaks are crucial to not only your safety, but the safety of others on the road. With this being the case, it is important to train yourself to be aware of any irregularities in your ride around town. Depending only on your dashboard brake light, you may find yourself catching the problem too late. … Continued

What to Do When Your TPMS Light Goes On

TPMS stands for “Tire Pressure Monitoring System”. This is a function that all passenger vehicles, weighing under 10,000 pounds and sold after September 1, 2007, must have according to the TREAD Act of 2000.  Why Your Light Is On The light primarily alerts the driver when the tire pressure is too low or too high. … Continued

Tips to Minimize Damage from Potholes

It is no surprise that potholes can cause your vehicle a lot of damage. Repair costs can reach the 500 dollar threshold – so pricey!  Dodging potholes entirely is nearly an impossible feat; but, here are some tips to minimize the damage and to be a more prepared driver overall. Minimize Distractions Distracted driving is … Continued

How Do I Get More Miles Out Of My Car?

As car owners ourselves, we think there is at least one thing we can agree on – We want to get the most life out of our vehicles! Whether your car is ten years old or brand new, we can all concur that we expect a certain number of miles out of our vehicles! Here … Continued

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