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6 Tips to Get Your Car Winter Ready

As the temperature continues to drop, we will all be rushing to get into our cars as soon as possible. If you have seat warmers, you’ve got your winter driving made! In order to minimize the time that you may be outside, here are a few tips to get you ready for a great winter … Continued

Eight Essentials to Keep in Your Car for a Road Trip

Road trips are undoubtedly an adventure, but with any adventure, it’s best to be prepared before heading off on one.  This is especially important if you’re leaving on a solo trip. We want you to be prepared with some essentials to get out of a pinch if the need arises. As they say… it’s better … Continued

Five Tips for Cleaning Your Car this Season

There’s something extremely satisfying about getting into a newly cleaned vehicle. It must have something to do with the dust-free dash, crumb-free carpet, clean and glossy exterior paint, and much more.  We’d be happy to share a few car cleaning tips that you could implement to get your car in tip-top shape: Wash the outside … Continued

Summer Driving Tips

One aspect of fun summer car rides that gets overlooked is the inspection and maintenance of your vehicle beforehand.  While some vehicles may be deemed reliable, you can never be too safe when it comes to inspecting your vehicle. To no surprise, the hot summer heat can do just as much damage to vehicles as … Continued

Essentials To Have in Your Car For a Road Trip

Setting out on a roadtrip can be such a fun and exhilarating feeling, but can quickly turn sour if you do not have the right equipment stocked and ready in your car.  This list of equipment are things not only to keep you safe, but also to keep you on the road and getting where … Continued

Springtime Challenges for Your New Teen Driver

We all know that driving in the winter is what everything thinks to be the most difficult driving weather. The snow and ice can make for dangerous conditions, but all seasons can come with their challenges. If your teen driver passed driving in the winter conditions, that is a win, but here are some things … Continued

Common Winter-Related Car Problems

As the days continue to shorten and the temperatures begin to drop steadily, our cars are often required to push past their limits which can put unbelievable strain on your vehicle. In order for your vehicle to run efficiently and smoothly throughout the winter, it is important that you are aware of possible problems you … Continued

Are Car Sunshades Actually Effective?

The summer heat can be brutal, as the sun seems to burn brighter and the days are longer. This is a popular time to see many cars with reflective and non-reflective shades in their windshields. Can these really be that effective though? Yes, they absolutely can be.  When the light from the sun hits your … Continued

How to Prep Your Vehicle for the Winter

Brr, it’s getting cold out there. With winter just around the corner, driving in the cold elements brings about a new driving experience. Prep your car accordingly in order to be ready for the ice, snow, and lots of salt.  Get an emergency kit. There are few things worse than having your car break down … Continued

Hot Weather & Your Car Battery

Almost everyone who’s been through a tough & cold winter is familiar with the annoyance of the dreaded dead car battery and the need for a jump start. However, it may surprise you to know that it’s not just the cold that can shorten the battery life, but the heat as well!   If you aren’t … Continued

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