What Does Cold Weather Mean for Your Car?

Are you ready for the cold? The snow? And all that comes with it? But how about your car? 

Believe it or not, cold weather can have serious effects on your vehicle. Cold weather maintenance involves preventative measures of all sorts.

Here are a five bucket list items you can “check off” to save yourself time, energy, and money down the road.

Fill your antifreeze: Can you remember the last time you filled your antifreeze? If it’s been a couple years, then your car could definitely use it.

Check your oil: If your car is due for an oil change, consider refilling it with a lower viscosity oil, also known as the ability of the oil to handle extreme temperatures. The lower the viscosity, the thinner it is, and the better it will be in cold temperatures.

Stock up on car goodies: Preparing your car for a winter season emergency includes packing the following items in your trunk/back seat: ice scraper, blanket, first-aid kit, extra clothes, flashlight, and anything else that comes to mind. Of course, this is completely out of precaution, but it always helps to be prepared.

Monitor tire pressure: Even the slightest temperature changes can impact tire pressure. Make sure to check the optimal tire pressure on the label of the driver’s side door frame. Or bring it to our shop!

Think about new tires: Especially in adverse conditions, car tires are the only things keeping you from a major spin out, collision, and other roadside disasters. Chances are if you’ve been thinking about getting new ones, you probably need them.

While the fall & winter months have their fair share of cheer and fun, they aren’t so kind and friendly towards your car. We wish you the safest and merriest of holiday seasons!

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