Common Auto Repair Costs to Consider as a Car Owner

We know that maintaining your fleet of vehicles can be expensive. While we do an excellent job keeping our prices affordable, it can often be helpful to know what to expect when it comes to auto repair costs. Read our blog to learn more.

Cars are a huge investment when you consider a full cash payment or a down payment and possible car payments, insurance, and general wear-and-tear costs. Driving a vehicle will eventually lead to car components going faulty and the need for unavoidable repairs. These are some common costs that you may experience:

  • Fuel cap replacement or tightening (≈$15-$25)
  • Battery replacement (≈$150)
  • Oxygen sensor replacement (≈$250)
  • Brake repair and pad replacement (≈250)
  • Spark plugs and ignition coil replacement (≈$400)
  • Tire replacement (≈$450)
  • Catalytic converter replacement (≈$1,150)

There are, of course, other costs that will inevitably incur as a car owner. To address plausible auto damages, we are proud to have an ASE Certified Master Technician conducting auto repairs in the Cincinnati, OH area. Auto problems that are caught and repaired early on can save you hundreds of dollars. Bring your vehicle in to Northgate Tire today!

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