Eight Essentials to Keep in Your Car for a Road Trip

Road trips are undoubtedly an adventure, but with any adventure, it’s best to be prepared before heading off on one. 

This is especially important if you’re leaving on a solo trip. We want you to be prepared with some essentials to get out of a pinch if the need arises. As they say… it’s better to be safe than sorry.

First aid kit. This is almost a no brainer when it comes to building an emergency kit. You can find a pretty decent first aid kit within $50, but there are definitely options well over $100. Find a kit within your budget and keep it in your vehicle at all times.

Foam tire sealant. Having a flat tire will put a damper on any road trip. A quick fix to temporarily fix a flat tire is a foam tire sealant. Try to only use it in emergency situations where you’re okay with replacing the tire eventually. Many tire shops will not repair tires that have been fixed with a sealant prior.

Tow strap. In case your vehicle needs towing or you see another stranded vehicle, tow straps are a handy item to keep with you. The strap should be strong enough to pull 6,000 pounds.

Gallon of water. Whether it’s a pack of single water bottles or a huge gallon tub (or two), spare water is essential to keep in your vehicle. Water can be used as windshield wiper fluid or even coolant in a pinch. Not to mention, it can be consumed if you find yourself thirsty and stranded for hours on end. 

Charged portable battery. Many people no longer use maps on long road trips, but rather use the GPS on their phone. Your phone is also the way you’ll be able to contact a first responder, family member, or roadside assistance in case you break down or experience an emergency. A portable battery will make sure your phone has some juice to make calls for help.

Air compressor. Find yourself with low tire pressure? A handy air compressor will allow you to pump your tires from a rest stop, gas station, or even the side of the road. It can be very dangerous driving with low tires, so try to make sure your tires are at the correct PSI. 

Jumper cables. A dead battery is a no-go. Be sure to keep a pair of jumper cables ready in case you need to revive your dead battery or help someone else jumpstart theirs. 

Non-perishable snacks. In case you’re stranded for hours on end, keep snacks in your vehicle to satisfy your hunger. These snacks could include granola bars, crackers, dried fruit, nuts, etc. This will be a great way to save you money from making a lot of fast food stops.

Our biggest wish is for you to stay safe on your trip. If your vehicle is in need of servicing before or after your road trip, we’d be more than happy to assist however we can. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst… Have a great trip!

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