Five Common Car Repairs in America

As a car owner, you will evidently experience car repairs as your car packs on the mileage and the years.

Some of these arising repairs will be more common than others. And even with proper maintenance, there will eventually be repairs that you just won’t be able to get of doing if you want your car to drive that much further. 

Here are a few of the common car repairs that you may experience while driving in America:

Fuel Cap. Before bringing your vehicle in for a check engine light, be sure your fuel cap is securely tightened. This may be why your light has been triggered. Don’t neglect a completely missing fuel cap, as you can lose up to 0.5% of your fuel economy.

Tire Repair. As the mileage packs onto your vehicle, you will likely need a repair or two before the end of your tires’ lifecycle. Areas with construction debris can increase the chances of screws, nails, glass, or more finding their way into your tread. To avoid a tire blowout or potential tire replacement, repair the damaged tire as soon as possible.

Ignition Coil. Ignition coils tell your spark plugs when they need to fire up. This is crucial to the performance of an ignition system and does wear out due to consistent use. You’ll certainly need this replaced as soon as you notice something is amiss. If a bad coil is not replaced for a period of time, the damage to your ignition system can be significant.

Catalytic Converter. As your vehicle’s designated emissions management system, your catalytic converter is essential for those of you who need to pass your state emissions test. Replacing your catalytic converter comes at quite a premium when it comes to repair costs. If regular preventative maintenance is taken with your vehicle, it can last you the entire lifetime of your vehicle.

Oxygen Sensor. Oxygen sensors read the levels of unburned oxygen that are hanging out in your vehicle’s exhaust. It will communicate this information to your vehicle’s computer which will take that information and adjust the air to fuel ratio, increasing performance. 

Although inconvenient for your day-to-day life, make sure you set aside time and money to address any of these repairs that may arise. By doing so, you’ll get the most out of your vehicle. Please let us know if any of these repairs is something you need help with – we’ll do the best we can to fix these problems.

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