What You Need to Know About Your Car Battery

Along with the engine, your vehicle’s battery is essential to its operation. But just how essential?

From why your battery is important to signs that it’s time for a replacement, read on to learn more about your vehicle’s battery.

Importance of Your Car Battery 

Your vehicle battery provides your vehicle with power by converting chemical energy to electrical energy. It then delivers the energy to the starter to kickstart your engine’s turnover. Without the battery, the starter wouldn’t get enough energy to start the engine and power could not be provided to onboard electronics.

A vehicle’s battery also has the role of backup power. In instances that your vehicle is using more electricity than your alternator can provide, your vehicle will pull electricity from the battery to make up the difference. Try to prevent pulling backup power from the battery for too long or too much, because it runs the risk of draining the battery since the alternator won’t be able to keep your battery recharged.

Signs It Is Time for a Replacement Battery

A healthy battery can be charged by the alternator with a quick jump. If your vehicle is not starting after a jump, your battery may be too old to have a second life. It’s looking like it’s time for a replacement. Here are a few signs to look out for:

  • Your vehicle is taking longer to start. Listen for a cranking sound when you try to start your car.
  • The battery case has expanded, looks swollen or bloated.
  • It smells sulfuric, or like rotten eggs, when you start your car.
  • There is a crack or leak in your battery.
  • You hear a clicking sound that is incessant.
  • Your battery is reaching three years old.

Your check engine light may also reflect low battery voltage, so that may be a way to get a heads up on the status of your battery life. Be sure to get your check your battery voltage at any of these signs. It’d be better to replace it before it goes out than to be stranded with a completely dead battery. Swing on by if you need further assistance with your vehicle’s battery.

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