Tips to Minimize Damage from Potholes

It is no surprise that potholes can cause your vehicle a lot of damage. Repair costs can reach the 500 dollar threshold – so pricey! 

Dodging potholes entirely is nearly an impossible feat; but, here are some tips to minimize the damage and to be a more prepared driver overall.

Minimize Distractions

Distracted driving is dangerous for everyone on the road. Driving is a task that takes manual skill, visual focus, and cognitive thinking. By impairing any of these functions, it puts not only you in danger but the vehicles you share the road with. Additionally, you will be more likely to see and respond safely to potholes when you minimize distractions. Minimal distractions equates to minimal damages.

Maintain Tire Upkeep

When your tire pressure is at the optimal psi, your vehicle is distributed as evenly as possible. Inflated tires are the first line of defense when running over a pothole – a house made of brick can withstand much more than a house made of straw. Same theory. Proper wheel alignment is crucial to the directional control of a vehicle. The more control over the vehicle, the more likely you’re able to dodge that pothole.

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Be Cautious When Dodging Potholes

This seems like an obvious tip. However, it can be easy to get caught up with dodging what is in front of you. Swerving to the side could lead to an impact if you are not aware of what is beside you and behind you. Dodging that pothole is not worth an accident of another kind.

Don’t Brake Over Potholes

Avoiding all potholes is just not possible. For those instances when you have to run over a pothole, try to not touch your brakes. Braking over a pothole could lead to the loss of control of your vehicle. Simply take your foot off the gas and straighten the steering wheel and ride it out. This method allows for maximum control for the duration of the impact.

Don’t Tail the Vehicle in Front of You

Tailing a vehicle, especially at high speeds, increases the likelihood of rear ending the vehicle in front of you. The possibility of being able to avoid a pothole from that close of a distance is unlikely. The farther distance you maintain with the vehicle in front of you, the greater vantage of the road you have.  It is generally a good idea to maintain a fair distance for safety and politeness – personal bubbles exist on the road too!

Potholes are something that will exist until we get flying cars. That being said, it is important to know how to drive safely with their presence on the road. Contact us for any of your vehicle tire needs to protect against these nuisances!   

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