Do You Need to Replace Your Tires?

There is no specified timeline for the life of a tire. Due to many external factors, a tire’s lifespan is largely circumstantial….

The design of the tire, the way the driver drives, the climate, the mileage of the vehicle, and the quality of the roads are all factors that affect the tire’s longevity. However, there are some helpful tips that can give you a general idea of when a tire replacement should be on your radar.

Check the Physical Appearance of Your Tire

How does your tire’s tread look? If the tread on your tires falls too low, you could be in danger of a tire blowout or a flat tire. It is a good idea to keep a lookout for indicator bars on your tires that become visible as your tire tread wears down. Many tires are made with these indicators. This can be a good way to eyeball the state of your tire’s tread.

Another good spot to keep your eyes on are the tire sidewalls. Tracks or cuts in the sidewall are fairly visible without close inspection. If there are visible grooves in your tire’s sidewall, this may be where a leak is occurring. If so, take your vehicle to the auto shop as soon as possible for a patch up or a tire replacement. It is very dangerous to drive with a leak in your tires! It could cause a tire blowout.

When the outerwall of your tires begin to weaken, bulges will become visible. This is a weak spot on your tire that could cause a tire blowout if unattended to. You definitely need to have this looked at because it is certainly cause for a tire replacement.

Consider the Age of Your Tire

After five years, you should take your tires to the auto shop to be thoroughly inspected at least once a year. Depending on the mileage you’re putting on the car, this could go on for another five years. However, it is not recommended to drive on tires that are over ten years old. This is a good precaution to ensure your tires are not in danger of blowing out on the road. 

Feel How Your Vehicle Drives

If you drive your vehicle long enough, you will get a feeling of how it should drive. It will become easier to notice when something is amiss – like excessive vehicle vibration. Too much vibration could indicate that your tires are misaligned, unbalanced, or in need of replacement. It is normal for your vehicle to vibrate on poorly paved roads, but once you’re on smooth roads, the vibration should be minimized substantially. Make sure everything sounds and feels good before you hit the road. 

Ask Your Trusted Auto Shop

For those of you who are still unsure whether you need to replace your tires, go to a trusted auto shop. The auto shop will provide you with information regarding the state of your tires! They will also have the necessary supplies and expertise to address any of your tire needs – replacement and repair. 

We would love to be a part of this step for you – we specialize in tire replacement.  Give us a call or take your car to our shop today!

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