Are Car Sunshades Actually Effective?

The summer heat can be brutal, as the sun seems to burn brighter and the days are longer. This is a popular time to see many cars with reflective and non-reflective shades in their windshields.

Can these really be that effective though? Yes, they absolutely can be. 

When the light from the sun hits your car, it has to go somewhere. Whatever isn’t reflected will make its way into your car’s interior, often into the dashboard and car seats. Keep in mind that if your vehicle has a black interior, it will absorb more heat than a car with lighter, tan seats for instance. Choose between a reflective and non-reflective sunshade to help combat this excessive heat:

  • Reflective sunshade. These sunshades will reflect the light of the sun as it hits your windshield. This option of sunshade will often have that aluminum, foil appearance on the side that should face outside.
  • Non-reflective sunshade. Contrastingly, this sunshade will simply absorb the light as it passes through the windshield. 

Both of these options are effective in their own right, just depending on which style you prefer. In fact, there have been some tests that report a decrease of 30 degrees or more in interior temperature with given sunshades. Do your research and find a great sunshade product for you. Be sure to specify your vehicle’s make and model when conducting your search. 


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