Tire Repair Knowledge

In the event of tire damage, a new tire is not always necessary.  Consider tire repair as an affordable option.

not always necessary to replace the tire. Tires can be expensive at times, though we strive to price tires at the lowest we can here in Cincinnati, OH! If the tire is in decent condition and has plenty of tread left, it makes sense to try a repair. And if the tire is relatively new, you may have warranty coverage for the damage.

There are a number of reasons that could explain why your tire is still leaking. It could be that the plug was not installed correctly by another mechanic, but it also may be that the damage was not conducive to plug repair. Plugs work best for repair when the angle of the penetrating object is straight, and when the puncture is between the treads. Other types of punctures may require patching, which is often done in conjunction with a plug. Also, it is entirely possible that your tire actually has another leak, since you ran over a pile of debris. Just because you don’t see something sticking in the tire does not mean there was not a second puncture.

At this point, it would probably be a good idea to bring the tire to us, Northgate Tire and have it inspected. We have methods for finding leaks, and also determining the best type of tire repair for the job.

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