Tire Repair

Northgate Tire in Cincinnati, OH offers tire repair services!

Tire repair is a service that can really save you money. Instead of purchasing a brand new tire, Northgate Tire in Cincinnati, OH may be able to repair it for you! However, there are certain standards, set by the Rubber Manufactures Industry, which Northgate Tire must follow. These standards are for your best interest! These standards include researching the tire’s history, sealing and patching the tire. That doesn’t mean every tire is capable of being repaired. The following are required in order for the tire to be repairable.

1.Damage must take place within tread belt path. This is within the first crease to the far left and the far right, the middle is the tread belt path. Any damage that takes place in the shoulder is considered non-repairable (image below).

2.The damage can be no larger than 1 ¼ of an inch. That is the amount that tire manufactures feel comfortable the tire can be repaired and still meet the warranty of the tire. This the amount that tire manufacturers go by when deciding whether or not the tire can be repaired and still meet the warranty of the tire.

Northgate Tire is committed to keeping you on the road, Cincinnati! We all have a busy agenda and a flat tire is never part of the plan. It is always important to monitor your tread depth, meet the tire pressure needs and rotate the tires to maintain the life of a tire. We are here for you, Cincinnati! Turn to Northgate Tire for all of your tire needs; we will keep you on the road.

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