How to Make Your Tires Last

Your tires can be a huge investment, but they are often a very neglected part of your car. 

Save money and learn more about how to properly care for your tires.

Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is by far one of the most significant pieces in extending your tire’s life. The easiest thing to do to decrease tire wear and tear, as well as your risk for a blowout, is working to maintain your tire’s pressure. It is necessary to check your tire’s pressure not only for money’s sake but for your own sake. Maintaining proper tire pressure is very important for your own safety. Crash Causation Survey found tire issues in 1 out of 11 crashes. You can even improve your gas mileage by keeping your tire pressure steady! If not for your tires, make sure to maintain your tire pressure for your own safety.

Tire Rotation

Making sure that you are rotating your tires is also necessary for helping your tires last. On front-wheel drive, the front tires wear faster due to braking and cornering. This causes irregular wear on the front and back tires. A good practice is to rotate your tires at a 5,000-mile interval, ensuring even wear.

Tire Alignment

Tire alignment is one of the easiest things to botch. Accidentally hitting a curb, parking barrier, or cone can knock your tires out of whack. Even the smallest misalignment can cause wear and tear on your tires and reduce your fuel efficiency. This is why it’s so important to come in and see us for an inspection if something doesn’t feel quite right!


Tires are the most important part of your vehicle — they are the part that allows us to move! Increase their lifespan and save money by coming in to see us. We can check the pressure, rotation, alignment, and more!

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