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Michelin Tires in Northgate, Ohio

Northgate Tire is proud to offer Michelin tires, known for high durability, fuel efficiency, and reliable braking.

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  • Michelin Passenger tires are developed to deliver all-season performance on any road and high-mileage.
  • Michelin Ultra-High Performance Sport Tires & Touring tires are designed for the track and open road.
  • Michelin Luxury Touring tires combine the superb handling of Performance tires with the quiet, comfortable drive of Passenger tires.
  • Michelin Light Truck & SUV tires master rugged off-road capabilities, as well as heavy-duty commercial applications.
  • Michelin's Zero Pressure tires are specially designed to support your car after a loss of air pressure, saving drivers from tire changes in hazardous places.

Call or visit your Northgate Tire location to learn more about Michelin tires.

Featured Tire: Michelin Symmetry®

In the Michelin Symmetry, value meets unsurpassed comfort. Ideal for cars and minivans, the Michelin Symmetry is developed with Michelin's Comfort Control Technology -- a computer optimized design strategy to greatly reduce vibrations and road noise. Its all-weather tread pattern includes wide center grooves for quick water evacuation and variable-width sipes for exceptional traction in any condition.

The Michelin Symmetry's EnergySaver Construction delivers excellent fuel efficiency by requiring less effort from your engine. The end result is a smooth ride, keeping you and your family safe year-round, in all types of weather.

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