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Power Window Motors

We provide complete services to restore your power windows to optimal condition.

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Failure of a power window motor or other power window components can happen at any time, leaving your vehicle vulnerable to interior damage or even theft. Power window problems can result from damage, or the window motor and its components can wear out causing the window to stop functioning properly.

We offer a wide selection of power window motor repair parts ensuring the utmost performance and reliability. Our trained technicians install power window parts right the first time, preventing the need for ongoing repairs.

Our services include inspection and repair of:

  • Power window motor
  • Power window relay
  • Power window regulator
  • Power window switch

If your windows are operating slowly, or stuck half way open, come see our experts for power window repair. We will provide a thorough inspection of your power window motor and system, perform any necessary services, and have you back on the road in no time. Contact us today to set an appointment.

How do power window systems work?

Power window regulators allow the windows to be moved up or down. In older models, the windows in a car or truck were rolled up and down manually with a handle that connected to the network of gears within the door. Today's power window regulators operate under electrical power with the push of a button. The power window regulator operates from a small motor, which is powered by electricity from the vehicle's battery.

The power window motor provides the necessary energy to turn the gears and raise or lower the window glass. The system uses a network of gears including a worm gear connected to a number of spur gears, providing the force to raise and lower the window. The window is kept level by a long, grooved bar, which is attached to the gear system by a controlling arm. The arm slides the window along the groove for smooth, controlled movement.

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